Agapanthus Handmade Bags
Agapanthus Handmade Bags

Are you a woman ?  Agapanthus by Katerina is your e-shop!


A few words about Agapanthus by Katerina

Women today usually have a heavy schedule. However, they manage to be stylish, elegant and always in fashion. For this reason, Agapanthus by Katerina is here for you. Chic bags for casual, evening or formal occasions in different styles and colors.

Katerina is the person behind Agapanthus. Her goal is to create bags "jewellery" in your wardrobe. Bags that you will be able to match with your clothes and shoes and complete even your most difficult outfits.

At Agapanthus every single bag is collectible and handmade. Each crochet, embroidered or felt bag is made only once so nobody else will have the same with you. Unique designs for unique women! Designs for work, for an evening out, for a party, for your holidays or even as a present for your loved ones.